Ancora su Nature!

Pubblicato: ottobre 16, 2008 da anto71 in mobilitazione

Ci era sfuggito che oltre all’editoriale, Nature ha scritto un “articolo” anche su “Nature News”. Siccome la lettura richiede l’abbonamento al giornale vi riportiamo alcune parti che ci sembrano significative, rimandandovi al link originale (e all’editoriale che invece è free) per una lettura approfondita.

Researchers in Italy are civil servants, and the number of positions available is determined by the central government rather than by individual research agencies. The past decade has seen almost no new recruitment, and the number of temporary research staff has consequently rocketed. There are at least 4,500 long-term temporary staff — known as precari, in reference to their precarious positions — who stumble from one short-term contract to another.
The scientists say that their protest is not directed against the conventional postdoc system, but against the unhealthy ratio of temporary to permanent staff.
As a result of the protests, Brunetta says that researchers will be given until 1 July 2009 while he investigates their claims. But presidents of the various Italian research agencies believe that the only way out of the situation is for the agencies to have more autonomy from the civil service.
Research and education minister Mariastella Gelmini has not commented publicly on the situation, and did not respond to requests from Nature for comments.



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