Precari francesi solidali

Pubblicato: ottobre 12, 2008 da anto71 in mobilitazione


I have heard about your text regarding your serious difficulties in INGV and the critical situation occurring in Italy in a more general point of view. We have started two months ago to create a group of people involved (and personnaly concerned) in fighting against precarity in the lab and universities.We are starting to be known in France. I’d like to published your text about the precarity of people at the INGV. I proposed to joined to the article a petition for people visiting the website. How could we help
you more ?
You can visit our website, but I have to apologize because all the web site is for the moment in French. In collaboration with an association of researcher ( we have translate your text. Perhaps we can share some idea of how to fight against gouvernment that consider precarity in science as a tool to control the research and teaching in university.

Best regards,

webmaster of

  1. Avrel ha detto:

    A new article about the mobilisation in Italy

    Best regards,



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